Thursday, 6 February 2014

Life's just wonderful.

I haven't written a blog for such a long time and I can only put that down to having nothing to report. Nothing health wise that is anyway.

I had a wonderful Christmas and New Year spent with loved ones and friends and my Donor was never far from my thoughts not that she or her family ever are. I turned 30 on boxing day... An age most people dread reaching, but not me. Turning 30 was a huge milestone and one I was proud to reach.
I started a new job in November. I'm still finding my way a little as I've not got quite as much responsibility as I'm used to so tend to feel that I'm at a loose end sometimes.. Perhaps now I have full health I'm just craving more challenges and career progression so 'watch this space' lol as they say.

My other project that I started to talk about in my last blog is coming on nicely. I just now need a website and short video. It's all about my fundraising and about raising awarness about Organ Donation. It's all going under the label Living the Impossible dream - Organ Donation the ultimate gift. I have a fantastic logo thanks to a friend whom I've known since school.
Mark and I are also busy saving every penny towards a deposit for a house hopefully we will have it soon.
Lol we have also decided to do the BUPA Great North Run in September. This will be my first official fundraiser using my new logo. I said I'd never do the run again but it's for such a good cause, it's for the transplant unit at the Freeman hospital in Newcastle where I had my transplant. Hoping to finish in under 3 hours this year.

Will leave you with some photos.
Love & best wishes
Shez xxx

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