Monday, 29 April 2013

A long overdue update

It's been a while since I last blogged, I guess when things are going well you think that people may not be as interested in reading about what's going on in your life no gritty or gory details. My last clinic appointment went well. Lung function stable despite the tracheal stenosis still evident. I've also apparently reached the pinnacle point where I no longer require an xray at each clinic visit. I do still struggle some days with the stenosis but the option of surgery is not really a road I wish to go down right now. 
I had a wonderful Christmas & new year, it was left to me & Mark to cook Christmas dinner for everyone (9 people) and it went without a hitch and I didn't poison anyone lol. My mum cooked for us on boxing day for my birthday which was lovely I just wanted to mark the occasion quietly so it was nice. Big 30 this year which, to be honest was an age I was beginning to think I may not see & I have no doubt that without my donor I wouldn't have. 
So what's happened so far this year? Well I'm currently trying to organise my best friends hen night at the end of June and we're also going away in June and I'm super excited. I haven't been on Holiday since my transplant and there is a big group of us who are going so it should be awesome. It's definitely a welcome break, this time last year Mark was very poorly in hospital with encephalitis a virus that attacks the brain, doctors told us he may never remember who we are or even be the same person anymore but thankfully he made a full recovery although it took almost 3 months. It was very worrying its strange how if you're ill you can deal with that but when it's someone you love its really hard as you you would give anything for them just to get well. 
I'm currently trying to establish the "Breathe easy Sport & Dance Foundation" with a hope of inspiring a generation to look after their health regardless of their situation. If anyone would like to design me a logo I'd very much appreciate it. I'm also considering the BUPA Great North Run again or Great North Crawl as I so aptly named it last year then who knows London 2014 hmm maybe slightly ambitious but who knows.
I think that's all for now. I'm keeping busy and busy at work also. Hope everyone who reads this long overdue update is well. Good luck to two ladies who I went to school with who are taking part in two charity events Sarah is taking part in a half marathon for a children's hospice and Kelli is jumping out of a plane for cancer research. Best of luck to you both. And a huge Happy Birthday to Rachel who was 29 years young yesterday. sign it and change someone's life. 

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