Thursday, 24 March 2011

Can faith really move mountains?

I wouldn’t call myself a devout religious person, by that I mean I don’t regularly attend church or say grace before a meal (that’s not to say I don’t appreciate things though), but I'm not what you’d call a dutiful follower of God.  I do however though like to believe that there is something else after life as we know it ends an afterlife perhaps or a new chapter or journey, a comer rather than just a full stop. I think though that if most people are honest to themselves everyone likes to believe in something and not necessarily religion, maybe it’s a coping mechanism, a way through the hard times, a chance to momentarily stop thinking about  reality.
The title of this blog; can faith really move mountains stems from an old A’ level paper that I wrote. I based my answer solely on my life experiences to that point. By the time id reached 16 I had fought against a mico-bacterium which was related to the family of the tuberculosis bug. This bug really did some damage it halved my then outstanding  lung function of 110% to 55% and I lost most if not all of the 10 years worth of dance muscle that id built up. That was the first time CF had ever really affected me, I had to do my GCSE mock exams from a hospital bed and I felt like my life had been hit by a freight train. Subsequently after handing in the A’ level essay I was told that I had entirely misunderstood its concept. But I disagreed and to this day still do, you see something got me through that difficult time in my life and although I know medical intervention played a huge part in that I also like to think that self-believe played an equally important part, if not a bigger part. I believed that I could overcome that downward spiral and dance again and go to university, qualify as a dance teacher etc and I did, I did all of that. Would I have recovered so well if I hadn’t believed in myself I'm not sure I would have?
These days things are defiantly not what they were when I was 16, my lung function varies constantly I think the highest it reaches now is 22% or there about, my oxygen saturations (on room air) tend to hang about the 92 to 96% on a good day but on a bad day can be as low as 88% my weights steady. But I'm limited in what I can do, I'm on the transplant list and life health wise is certainly different, but all of that is circumstance beyond my control and I may not be able to change what is happening but I can believe in myself and believe in the fact that yes that call will come and yes I’ll get my life back. So can faith Move Mountains, if you believe in something hard enough if you have faith that something will happen, can you make it happen?  I believe so.  

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