Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Ever just sat and stared at your own reflection, looked right into your eyes and asked yourself where is your life going? Why does everything seem so distorted?

I did today. I guess I just feel so stalled or stuck. Like I’m standing still and everything and everyone around me is whizzing past at 100 miles an hour.

I hate the fact that I can’t do my job. I’m so intolerably bored and been a dancer and dance teacher wasn’t just something I did and something I thoroughly enjoyed doing, it was a huge part of who I am or who I was. I feel like I have this colossal emptiness and I don’t know how to fill it, part of me feels like its missing.

I suppose I’m just sick and tired of circumstance. I’ve always been so in control so motivated and now, now it’s like the C.F makes the decisions and I follow suit rather than it been the other way around and it’s the most unpleasant feeling in the world.

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