Saturday, 8 January 2011

The journey begins here, the destination unknown.

Well here we are, I finally got round to creating a blog. Believe it or not (most will lol) its been sat on my laptop half created for over a year now. My reason for not completing it.. I suppose life just got in the way.

I love been busy, having things to occupy my mind with, but recently ive had to slow down and age 27 im currently awaiting a double lung transplant due to end stage Cystic Fibrosis. Dispite this though I am still trying to remain proactive and upbeat. Im enquiring about different online home study courses that I could perhaps complete and im also attending a weekly pilates class with my lovely friend Rachael with whom i've been friends with since middle school. Pilates is great you get the muscle workout without having to break a sweat and you dont get all breathless.

Im not going to call this a diary as such, if i know myself at all then i can honestly say im probabaly incapable of writing with the extreme commitment that a diary requires. So rather than a diary, i'm going to call this a note book where i will write down thoughts, feelings, quotes etc and you can ask any questions you want and I will try and be as honest as i possibly can be although even I have some secrets.

So this journey or next chapter of my life starts here, the destination unknown.

I hope you enjoy sharing it with me.

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