Saturday, 21 April 2012

The psychological impact of Transplantation.

Its strange how, the doctors and transplant coordinators, even the surgeons can answer all the questions you have regarding your transplant, but the one thing that you could never be prepared for is the Psychological impact of Transplantation.
I’ve read a few blogs recently and I could relate to most of the points they were making. You go from been happy and content with the fact that you can maintain your ability to just breathe to all of a sudden feeling like a small person in a very big world which is whizzing past you at an absurdly  fast pace and you don’t know where you fit in anymore, how do you find the missing piece of the puzzle. You have to get to know yourself all over again.
If you’re like me then you’d have worked right up until it was almost impossible to do so, my job at the time meant that it became impossible to do so fairly early as having bad lungs impacted quite severely on my ability to teach PE and dance effectively and to a good standard. I’ve recently gone back to work, well I’ve gone back as a supply teacher, but if I’m honest that’s not through choice. I’d much rather have permanent post where I can put down some roots and establish a familiar routine with colleagues. I’ve had several interviews now since transplant and every time I get told I haven’t got the position because someone else had more “recent” experience. I don’t know how I’m supposed to fix that, I’ve taken up voluntary positions in schools to try and gain more recent classroom experience but that doesn’t seem to be working. You can’t help but begin to think that the minute you mention why you have an employment gap that they immediately see red and use your lack of recent experience as an excuse.
On a more positive note my training for the Manchester 10K and the BUPA Great North Run is going well. I managed 7K in 1hour 27mins today. I could just do with the tracheal stenosis that I have been sorted out permanently as it’s really quite restricting.  
I should say thanks to Matthew my Personal Trainer who has put together a gruelling cardio workout and is working hard to help me to be fit enough and strong enough to complete these two challenges.  Anyone who’s interested in 1:1 personal training sessions should check out his website or email him.  I feel I’ve come a long way since I was first referred to him when I was listed for Transplant.
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Thanks xxx

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