Saturday, 24 March 2012

Living the impossible dream

If someone would have said to me 7 months ago that I’d be planning to and entering the biggest half marathon in the country I’d have laughed at them and said don't be so ridiculous I can't even walk to my car.

But now 7 months post Transplant I find myself training to complete the BUPA Great North Run. I chose the Great North Run because it takes place on September 16th in Newcastle and I will be 13 months post transplant by the time the run takes place. So it all ties in together quite nicely.

I’ve also registered to complete the Manchester 10K as a warm up to the big one. That takes place on May 20th and I will be completing this for Live Life Then Give Life which is a charity that promotes Organ Donation and supports people who are facing and going through the prospect of transplantation.

Training for such an event isn’t by any means easy new lungs or not. I have to remember that my fitness levels are absurdly low and I’ve not walked for long distances for over 2 years let alone run (I’m not even sure I can remember how to run).

I managed to walk 4.3 miles on Monday in 1 ½ hours and it involved some quite sharp inclines. I’ve also been attending the gym and working with the Personal Trainer whom I was referred to pre Transplant. Matthew introduced me to a programme of fitness which included lots of cardio; I was introduced to boxing lol and also worked on core muscle strength. So his task now is to get me fit enough to get through the Great North Run I’m not promising to run the whole distance but I am promising to finish, I’m not going to set myself a ‘time’ target as I think that may be a little too much pressure, I’d realistically like to finish within the 4-6 hour time bracket but we shall see.

I’ve set up my just giving page which is and I’m hoping to raise as much money as I can for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

So please visit my just giving page and help me to make a difference to those with Cystic Fibrosis by living the impossible dream


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